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Making Great Ideas Happen - The Power of Imagineering

One of the most recognised creative geniuses of the past century, without a doubt, is Walt Disney. He had a devout belief that great ideas needed time and space to grow into their full potential before making the decision to take them to market (or not). Without this philosophy, the idea in the 1920s of a rodent being the star of a children's cartoon would have been killed off straight away. Fortunately, Mickey Mouse was given the time to grow into becoming the greatest and much-loved icon of the 20th century.

The word ‘imagineering’ was coined by Alcoa in the 40’s, however, it was Walt Disney who popularised the concept to the point of creating ‘Imagineering Departments’ and installing this approach in university business curriculum.

He also pioneered the creative process of imagineering and had three different parts in his studio where the three respective creative stages took place. The first being the dreamer area where great ideas were conceived. These ideas were then handed over to the realist section where they were bought into reality by creating working models. Once formed up they went to the critics part of the studio who creatively looked at areas of the project that needed to be improved. This list was then given to the
dreamers/realists to take the idea to its full potential and ultimately taken to market.

At C2 Capital we are inspired by this proven process and have modelled this successful strategy to create our own version of the imagineering process which enables us to consistently disrupt and create best of kind ideas and results. We see ourselves as an “imagineering company” that envisions the future followed by developing great ideas to bring them into reality and finally launching them to get uptake so that they add value to the world we live in.

Finally, another value and belief of Walt Disney that is also part of our culture is best described by his quote of “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”.

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